Редактор коллажей
Конкурс коллажей

Duilio Damilano


This club-restaurant, located in a famous ski location in Piedmont, has many constraints in form and structure. In particular, the network of pillars was masked by the realisation of "mushroom" shaped wood and enamel that have become the distinguishing feature of the room. An "eye" behind the counter brings light to the rear kitchen and mask other two pillars. On the front side, a white blade is detached from the platform of the dispensing area. The ceiling black tends to zero by surfacing only sources of light, sort of flying saucer floating above their heads. A wall of natural stone split calls at the local, stretching up into the bathroom, in contrast with the angle of crystal above the entrance to washbasins. Serigraphs which include the conical shapes of the "mushrooms" filter the view to the bathroom. The wooden floor warms the entrance area, and turn to stone, draws mountain atmosphere. The front entrance to the restaurant is fully glazed, with the possibility of either being able to open to the mountains near Cuneo, or isolate from the context by sliding blackout curtains.